Awareness of the future

from the thoughts of various people

“WAKU WAKU XNUMX” will start!

Various people from different industries, organizations, and attributes will convey their strong thoughts for the future

on themes such as well-being, circular economy, sustainable society, and universe.


Get "Awareness" from the words of various people.

Innovation begins with "awareness".


For the next 10 years,

WAKUWAKU aims to become a new "place" by combining the "awareness" of you

and other people with cutting-edge technology.


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2030 Future Prediction × WAKU WAKU

New innovations are always born when communication evolves

Telecommunications shift from "people" to "things" In the next 10 years, it will be a chance to combine your "awareness" with cutting-edge technology to create something new.

Evolution of wireless communication

What is Beyond 5G (6G)?


Beyond5G(6G) is a next-generation mobile communication system after 6G and further enhances the characteristic functions of 5G such as "high speed and large capacity", "low latency", and "multiple simultaneous connections". And also has new features that contribute to sustainable new value creation such as ultra-low power consumption, ultra-safety and reliability, autonomy, and scalability.

Beyond 5G Promotion Strategy (Overview) (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)